Friday, November 6, 2015


Hi Friends! Welcome back to our blog! Can you believe the holidays are already here? Where did 2015 go? Time flies! It has been a while since 1.) we have updated our blog and 2.) we have had the opportunity to recognize a worthy and wonderful In S.T.E.P.P.S. team member (blame it on the busy, busy work we do). We will get back to #1 soon since we have so many new and exciting things coming up that we can't wait to share. But for today, we wanted to take the time to praise one of our behavior therapists and share some of the qualities that make this particular person so awesome. 

So without further delay... drum roll ... Our IN ST.E.P.P.S. STAR award goes to .... 


Here are some of the things Steven's supervisors had to say about him: 

Steven has been an asset to each team he is on. He approaches each session with a  dynamic approach, bringing a fun and creative level of play to each session, and yet laid back attitude that draws the attention of every child to want to engage.  His hardworking work ethic, mixed with his personality make every session fly by. Steven applies feedback to his work promptly and eagerly and asks insightful questions. Steven is so flexible and dependable, always collects data, and steps up to the plate to help cover sessions whenever he can. He is a joy to have on any team! 

Steven has shown initiative in his professional development. He is very flexible and has been willing to take on a wide range of clients and accommodate changes to his schedule to best fit the needs of his clients.

It has been great having Steven on one of my cases. He is great with the client and makes the family feel comfortable in his presence. Steven is extremely flexible and can adapt at any moment to the current needs and motivation of the client. Steven responds well to feedback and immediately implements any suggestions given. Steven truly is a star at In Stepps.

Steven has a great, positive attitude and is always flexible. He has the wonderful ability to promote learning and teach skills inn an exciting way. Steven is so fun and the kids love him! 

Steven is such a fun therapist to watch. He easily adapts to working with so many different kiddos, who all have different needs and motivations.  He's a real asset to the In Stepps team! Congratulations Steven!

Thank you, Steven, for your hard work and dedication to all of your clients! We all appreciate you so much and so do the families you work with! 

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